Yes! The mirror holds all the truth,

And that place where my reflection,

Falls, where I see the faces of those,

Women whom I have looked up to,

And dwelled in their essence, those,

Were yore days, but I didn’t realise,

When my young face changed and,

I was that woman, who was once,

Found in the lanes of those taverns,

Where my childhood once belonged,


My eyes hold the pictures, of those,

Beautiful faces, those wore that cerise,

Red dot on their foreheads and that,

Prominent mark of vermilion depicting,

Their identity as woman, how I was,

So magnetically engrossed by them,

The simple cotton ‘Taant’ sari that was,

Slight inches above their heels, of not,

Endorsing any style, simple yet elegant,

Even those creases sitting on nine yards,


Whole from the day’s chore, I was a girl,

Then tender of age, yet my soul kept noticing,

All those images, whilst it was roving around,

Places, gazing on women merely, how,

It wanted to open those wings, waiting all,

These years for the journey to begin, from,

A girl to a woman, who has brought in dowry,

Lineage! Of an era that has gone by,

This lineage has become my arrogance,

How I feel it my obligation, to carry it on,


Over my shoulders, the tapestry of those hues,

The nine yards of history dying gradually,

I shall keep it going, that era which I have,

Lived by, that which my apprentice soul,

Took years waiting in disguise, to merge,

As one into my body, and now I can say,

With pride it has become part of me, that,

Which I am already living, into the mirror,

The Lineage I see is same, which time has,

Given me back, ti’s a blessing being that woman…


Words By : Monalisa Joshi44447_980068932078545_5279484338582708238_n-1


The Realm of a Door

Standing in clad dark blue robe, Path leading towards this Majestic door, The pathway to the door herald my steps Raise my gaze to look at the intricate elaborate carving, The carving itself tells the story of the door leading beyond, Now I am not too much worried, What lies beyond my journey beyond that door, This doorway stop my journey, into a contemplation, Its a stunner,a stopper, Its so impressive a sight,from top to bottom, It start with the roots of the tree, Grows all branches sprawling amid different direction, A peacock with all its blue divine splendour grazing around the feet like honouring the tree, The door was encrusted into the wall,so solidly, The wall as ancient as time, This door is a teacher of life, Before I can cross into another journey, What will I discover If I just push it open… ॐღ•❥*⁀`•.¸¸.* ~~ ✿ WiƬӇ ℒ◯ѵ€ ✿ڿڰۣ ✿✿✿βRIƝƊƛ✿✿✿16195388_10211847627971103_2708646456102264783_n

The Bride (Episode Two)


Alas! His God ship seemed like a curse,

He walked upon earth treading those,

Places time and again where the two,

Had spent hours of love and togetherness,

And the nymphs and muses all glanced,

In vehemence, they ogled and all giggled,


Swishing the boughs and sitting on the,

Chariot of zephyr they oft troubled his,

Coveted peace, their aroma so fine and,

Alluring he smelt and knew they were,

The heavenly nymphs in their heavenly,

Lucid attires, expressing more of their,


Feminine aura to win his heart one more,

Time, yet the youngest of the sky was in,

Love with his earthly woman, whose carcass,

He has kept safe in a glass casket, was,

Filled with anger again, for so many years,

He has not roared, hasn’t shown his valour,


The new bride of his, taught him love,

Made him calm, which the nymphs broke,

They aroused his rage; he now rode on his,

Stallion of clouds, the immortal god was,

Revengeful towards the heaven’s conspiracy,

He came to his abode, picked up the lock,


To the casket and took out his new bride’s

Carcass, adorning once again into red his,

Wife, pierced the dagger into his heart,

He took the blood oozing from his still,

Beating heart, filling it again on her forehead,

He granted her a new life, but broke the,


Forbidden rule of the Gods, to give own,

Life to conjure a human from the realm,

Of the dead, than shall his soul will rot,

Forever there for the rest of his eternal life,

The bride opened her eyes to see the face,

Of her beloved, and ran into his embrace,


Aghast! A horrid chariot, made with cadaver,

And skulls, was rounding in their reign,

He told her all, the forbidden rule and,

Now he was to be the prisoner in hell,

Her tears turned into a rivulet, she held,

His hand firmly not to let him go ever,


Alas! Too late the black robed figure,

Came and dragged her husband with,

An uncanny force, she had no choice,

But to succumb to the rules and laws,

Of the divine, yet something happened,

Uncalled for, much ghastly to witness even…


To be continued…

Copyright@ Monalisa Joshi




A Poem

Clouds In Waves
Unfurling Travelling Shades
Of Expansive Hues Of Grey Clouds,
Thou Is Your Destination
Coming To Touch Us Little Mortal
On This Sphere
We Are In Awe Of Your Majestic,Mighty Might.
Layers,Layers Tumbling In Front Of My Eyes….
And You Catch My Heart Rumbling,Crumbling,
Stumbling For More….~

Author ~ Brinda~