A Slave! A Queen!

I live behind those walls,

You shall not see me more often,

I live in a kingdom with barbed,

Emotions and dreams,

I come out with a mask of smile,

That I wear on my face more often,

Who says I am a slave there,

I am a queen, as I am made to believe!


I am often lost behind the shadows,

You can merely find me by my essence,

If you have loved me that much,

I live all tangled in those chores,

Messed up and not beautiful as I look,

But inside my heart is still beating,

Who says I am a slave there,

I am a queen, as I have always believed!


I am lost in the horde, no one knows me,

I am just another face, they can forget,

But if you ever peek inside,

You will know I have some feelings,

Those are more easily hurt,

I often submerge in that rivulet,

Which I have made with my tears,

Who says I am a slave there,

I am a queen, as I wear nice clothes,


I don’t have views, my opinions doesn’t,

Matter, I am a dumb puppet with breaths,

Rest others are marvel they earn those,

Papers which makes life go and run,

But if I am out, I am a desperate,

Being selling cheap dreams,

Those have no value in this busy world,

Who says I am a slave there,

I am a queen; I am made to believe that,


I am beautiful only in the kitchen,

I am born to take marauding eyes,

With ease, no rebellious word shall,

Ever come out, I am than praised,

I murder often those painful emotions,

But who will put some ointment,

To my ripped heart, and some feelings,

Which mistakenly I have, but I hide them well,

Who says I am a slave there,

I am a queen, because I believe I am…


~Monalisa Joshi~



Letter to the Beloved


Dear Beloved,

I shall keep the tea,

With smoke rising,

Resting on the table,

By the side of that bed,

Where for years,

We have been together,

I shall not remove the,

Curtains from the casement,

Not to disturb your sleep,

I shall not wash the linen,

And fill the space,

With the clatter of my chores,

And I will tell the world,

To come later for my sweet,

Beloved is at sleep,

I shall not make the steel,

Utensils crash upon earth,

But I will cook some food,

And keep it warm in those pots,

On which we have together,

Shared numerous meals,

For last you would have my,

Hand cooked food, eat it with,

A smile and do remember me,

But do not cry, for the morsel,

Might cause some trouble,

Oh! My beloved, my soul mate,

I have to go now, I can’t be late,

The chariot on which my soul,

Will depart has arrived on the,

Door and before the knocks,

Awake you, I am leaving you,

This day and it is going to,

Be as long as eternity,

Clad in that pink chiffon,

My attire is flowing with the,

Zephyr and I can’t tell you,

How much I am missing you,

Already, the pain is more to bear,

My heart seems ripped apart,

But fate won this time,

I know if this day I leave, I shall,

Not be able to talk to you for long,

I know silence will prevail in our,

Little dwelling, and you would,

Be running away from it,

But don’t forget my darling,

In that silence I have spent years,

Waiting each day and night,

For you to come, standing on the,

Threshold with a warm smile,

But I must tell you that once,

I am there I shall wait for you,

Again just like I did on earth,

In that nest of ours,

And the day when you,

Will come, and if you are lost,

Do not be disheartened, do not,

Loose hope, just follow the smoke,

Coming from the roof of a small,

House and when you see neat,

Clothes drying on the clothes line,

And the floral essence of those,

Fills into your nostrils, do know,

Then, you have come home,

Because I shall always be,

There waiting for you,

I promise you will never miss,

The home you have left behind,

I will offer you the same love,

And warmth of my embrace,

Oh! My dear lover, for now,

I am leaving on the table,

My last words, a letter to you,

But by the time you read,

This I shall be long gone, but I,

Will always be inside your heart,

And read as many times,

For this letter would be my last,

Remnant belonging solely to you…



Lady Love

Poem By : Monalisa Joshi



Inviting Submissions

Plethora the online Blogazine is seeking submission for poetry, prose, short stories and articles on a theme that shall take you back to your roots and I am sure the feeling of nostalgia would grope in. Have you ever wondered, what are those things that keep you attached to your soil? That which truly makes you, who you are! The legacy that you are proud of! Well express them now. This is your chance to let out those hidden and dormant emotions that frequently take you to the past lane and makes you feel that this is where you piously belong. It could be anything the smell of wet earth, the festivities in your part of land, the childhood memories that are still with you or that fragrance of those elderly people with whom you have spent your most treasured time with or even the derelict structures that speak to you tales of their own.

This is the time to write of your grandma’s and mother’s tale you have heard from their mouths or create one that will truly reflect the same bygone essence or era. The theme is ‘lineage’ and those who have interest or inclination in writing towards the genre; kindly submit your proposal to monalisajoshi@outlook.com. The best of each shall be featured on the online Blogazine and those entries which shall equally bring the essence of their lineage that they are proud of and also would be liked by the editor will then straight away go for the print magazine. The copyright stays with the author/writer. The last date for submission is 30th November 2017 till midnight (IST). The submission guidelines are given below please read them carefully before submitting your work.

  1. Send only one short story (7000 words maximum) and one poem of any length and style, keeping the theme and purpose of the Blogazine in mind.
  2. For Prose or Articles (2500 to 3000) is the word limit but the theme should be again kept in mind.
  3. Use Times New Roman Font, size 12 point standard and double spaced with clear mentioning of the name of the Author.
  4. Email submissions are accepted on the above given email id, kindly send in your original work with“Plethora Submission” in the subject line. Send one mail for a short story and separate for a poem. For articles or prose the same rule implies.
  5. Entries that do not comply with the rules or don’t fit into the theme provided shall not be accepted. Plethora also would not be responsible for any loss of material and neither will it give any feedback or reasons about the same.
  6. Kindly send in your original and previously unpublished work and if using references or quotes from other writers or authors then do mention the source.
  7. A short Author-Bio written in third person must be sent along with your photograph through attachment. .
  8. Photographs supporting the work can also be sent, but make sure you own the copyright of those.
  9. Only one entry per household will be entertained, you can either choose to send a poem, a short story or an article.

Plethora is looking forward to read your work. All international and national entries are accepted; however Plethora is willing to receive much work from Asian Diaspora.



Editor-in- Chief

Monalisa Joshi