Eyes Full of Love

Once he let me go,

Leaving my hands,

In that alien horde,

Said, “Never look back”,

And I didn’t but,

Something in my,

Heart told me,

That his eyes were on me,

Till the time I disappeared,

From his sight!


And once when I,

Walked past him,

On a day that was

Gloomy and he wore,

That mask of despise,

Against me and mine,

Love for him,

He stood with his,

Back towards me,

And my heart cried,


It was much to bear,

His angst and evade,

I did strolled in silence,

Smelling yet his,

Manly essence,

Desiring from the heart,

To lope and embrace,

And never let go,

But what was that?


Fear that chained me,

Even the proximity,

Couldn’t help and,

I didn’t break free,

From the shackles of,

Despicable ties,

That had blinded me,

Yet I knew when I,

Passed from beside,

Something in my heart,

Told me that his’,

Marauding eyes were,

On me till the time,

I disappeared from,

His sight!


I blush now more often,

In my solace, knowing

That even in low,

And even in high,

In those hateful days,

And in those loving,

Days his mouth,

Never expressed love,

But his eyes said,

It all, he loves me,

More than I!

I can see now that,

His eyes are full,

Of love behind that,

Guised manly pride!


~Monalisa Joshi~